Law office “Trifonova and partners” brings together lawyers with profound legal expertise and deep knowledge of law making and law implementation in practice. The partners possess specific legal skills in the area of general and special law and experience in the enforcement of the rule of law and the protection of clients’ rights and interests. “Trifonova and partners” have power over resources necessary to contribute for improvement of legal practices in Bulgaria. The office is specialized in law making theory and practice in the area of electronic communications.

Bulgaria within EU

The harmonisation process of Bulgarian national legislation with the European law had set new guidelines and approaches. We keep account for the present dynamic changes and as legal experts we also have taken and continue to take part in the process. We realise how important is the continuity in knowledge and expertise in order to implement those changes effectively and to set a model for best legal practices in Bulgaria. Hence, we are striving to stay informed about any subject related directly or indirectly to the business interests of our clients. We continuously follow up the trends in enforcement of European regulations and directives. The wealth of European court practice constitutes useful source for learning.

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